Jan 29, 2009

Catholic priest alleges gas chambers weren’t used to kill Jews

by Dan Grubbs

In another one of those moments of disbelief that I often have about things going on in the world, I had to remind myself that I should expect all kinds of things as mankind moves headlong into the fruition of God plans.

Catholic priest, Floriano Abrahamovicz, publicly denies that the Nazis used gas chambers to murder Jews during the Holocaust. In an interview with Italy’s Tribuna di Treviso newspaper, Abrahamowicz indicated the gas chambers were used for disinfecting the inmates of the camps.

JTA, the Jewish global news service, reports that Abrahamowicz is a follower of the late Bishop Marcel Lefebvre, who JTA describes as a “traditionalist.”

As ghastly as his remarks were, in the same breath, he indicated that the Holocaust was comparable to ““other genocides” that did not receive the same amount of public recognition. These included the Allied bombing of German cities – and Israel’s actions in Gaza,” JTA reported.

Abrahamovicz goes on to spew his drivel when he said, “And the Israelis can’t tell me that the genocide that they suffered from the Nazis is less serious than that of Gaza because they have killed several thousand people while the Nazis killed 6 million.”

I understand this is a growing sentiment in the Roman church despite Vatican II, which, in part, sought to combat anti-Semitism. This is exacerbated by Pope Benedict XVI's decision to lift the excommunication of four traditionalist Catholic bishops, including Abrahamowicz.

According to the JTA report, Abrahamowicz denied he or other followers of Lefebvre were anti-Semitic. However, he described Jew as “God killers.”

And we have many in the evangelical world that want to reach out in ecumenical efforts with members of the Roman church.

Words fail me!

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