May 19, 2011

The snowball of relativism bigger than Darwinism

My sister-in-law frequently shares spiritual treasures and useful nuggets with me via email. As we were recently exchanging email messages, she shared this quote from Todd Kappelman's "The Breakdown of Religious Knowledge."
"Now, in the late twentieth century, we are in the middle of a revolution that will likely dwarf Darwinism in its impact on every aspect of thought and culture: the revolution is postmodernism, and the danger it holds in its most serious form is that truth, meaning, and objective reality do not exist, and that all religious beliefs and moral codes are subjective. In every generation the church has had its particular heresies to deal with, and postmodern relativism is ours. Christ has called us to proclaim truth to a dying generation, and if we fail at this task, the twenty-first century may be overshadowed by relativism and a contempt for reason as much as the twentieth century was overshadowed by Darwinian naturalism."

Here's the full article.
This was prophesied in God's word.  The question is not if we should lament or even argue these facts. The question is what are God's redeemed people going to do about it?
We must make our courage fast and no longer remain passive in word or deed. We must brave the slings and arrows we will undoubtedly experience when we actively defend biblical principles and proactively proclaim the Gospel. We must count the cost and find the sum that it is far more costly to remain idle while truth is decimated than whatever personal suffering we may experience by proclaiming and defending truth.
We must not wait for post-modernism and its relativism to touch our lives, we must circle its towered walls, not shrink from its parapets and sound the shofar against this deceit of Satan.
This is not the battlefield of a select few with uniquely honed skills of debate or scholarly knowledge. All whose position is "in Christ" are called to proclaim truth and use that great offensive weapon we are each equipped with: the sword that is the word of God. We carry all the information we need to thwart the assault of relativism either in our hand or our heart because all we need is contained in the Scriptures.
Where we have failed is in our courage. This is why the snowball of relativism has not only grown, but has gained such momentum that, as Kappleman writes, it will have a greater impact than the naturalism of Darwin.

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