Sep 2, 2011

Another deterrent to violence is removed in the Middle East

In this humble observer’s opinion, another cog slipped into place that is creating a context for escalated violence in Israel following the United Nations’ vote that is anticipated to recognize Palestinian statehood.

Today, Turkey expelled Israel’s ambassador to Ankara and suspended all military agreements following the U.N. report of investigations regarding Israel’s Gaza Strip blockade. At the heart of the issue is the “excessive and unreasonable” force Israeli commandos used to stop a Turkish ship attempting to break the blockade.

The U.N. reported in their findings that the boarding raid was a legitimate security measure and in accordance with international law. The report also explains that the Israeli commandos who boarded the Turkish vessel used force to protect themselves in response to what it called “significant, organized and violent resistance” from some of its passengers.

So, how is this a cog slipping into place? There is a sort of deterrence to Middle East conflict if Turkey and Israel aren’t battling. This damage to the Turkey-Israel relationship will embolden anti-Zionists.

But, I think a bigger question is how will the White House dance its delicate waltz with Turkey expelling the Israeli ambassador and severing military agreements? Will the Obama administration feel tugged in different directions here, or will this be another excuse for this administration to continue its slow divorce from Israel?

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