Sep 12, 2011

Stand against Israel at your own peril: Psalm 2

The case against replacement theology – the belief that the Church has replaced Israel regarding God’s promises to Abraham – can easily be made by Romans 11 as clear evidence that God has a future plan for Israel. I’m so thankful the Holy Spirit inspired Paul with those words because they are so clear to point out that God does have a beautiful future for the Jews in the Kingdom to come.

Then, this past Sunday, my pastor was teaching on Psalm 2 and I was struck with how powerfully this Davidic psalm also shows God’s plan for Israel.

God’s word in Psalm 2 clearly points out that any Gentile nation who stands against God’s plans will be broken and shattered. The passage tells of nations that rage against God, His Messiah and Israel. The psalm, through literary form, claims God laughs at the nations that take a stand against Israel and Jesus Christ.

What is God’s response to nations who take counsel and actions against Israel and the Messiah? God will terrify these nations and tell them that He “has installed My King upon Zion.”

Notwithstanding preterist viewpoints, does anyone living today believe this won’t take place? Look at what God the Father tells God the Son. “’Ask of Me, and I will surely give the nations as Your inheritance, and the very ends of the earth as Your possession.’”

And for the nations’ disobedience, the Messiah is told “’You shall break them with a rod of iron, You shall shatter them like earthenware.’”

Though the picture is violent, the point is that all nations will be subdued under the rule of God’s anointed king, Jesus Christ.

But, the picture isn’t bleak for all Gentiles. There is hope for the nations. The psalm ends with a stanza of assurance. God invites the leaders of nations and their peoples to worship Yahweh and honor Jesus Christ as the Messiah so that they may be saved and even be blessed.

What’s the takeaway? Nothing is going to stop God’s plan for Israel and Jesus Christ as the one who will sit on the Davidic throne without end. No nation, no religion, or no alliance can put a halt to what God is doing today and what He will do in Zion.

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